Nicky Ash



Hailing from the landscapes of Johannesburg in South Africa, Singer/Songwriter & recording artist, Nicky Ash, has been hitting the ground running in the music realm when she began performing in 2001 at age 4, and since then has manifested into an elite and talented singer that has captured the eyes, ears, and hearts as the next decade went by.

She’s quite the trifecta on the way up to much bigger prospects, combining her looks, talent, and insatiable drive to always make sure that her career never goes inactive. She sings like an angel, and has an astonishing ambience in her voice that sets her apart from a lot of younger singers in today’s mainstream. She has versatility, has very dynamic self expression, and has the music in her soul completely.

Throughout Nicola Ash’s career, she has received positive reception, critical acclaim, awards, and many other opportunities to shine bright in the music industry. Some notable awards the Starlet has received include:

•The Industry Industry Award (awarded by Bob Hope at Hollywood Palladium, and also represented South Africa in several different country as a very recognizable and lovable young artist on the rise and has inspired many, as well as lifted spirits of many as well in her native homeland and its surroundings.

•She was also one of three vocalists to sing at the opening ceremony of Dance World Cup in Croatia (2012).

•Title Holder of Little Miss South Africa.

•Title Holder of Miss International Princess & Grande Supreme Talent Winner in 2015.

•International Dancer; competed and taken part in several shows in USA and Europe.

Currently, Nicky Ash studies Cosmetology and is a qualified make up artist. Ash is also heading to New York to work with accomplished music producer, Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production to work on her upcoming EP to be released 1st quarter of 2018.