“Dante Lattanzi is a talented musician/composer who understands what his clients are looking for and he delivers it in spades. He’s fast and responds well to feedback. I consider myself a very happy customer.”

— Kathy Rocklein Sontag, Senior Writer/Producer, HBO

“To have New Orleans legend Dr. John boogying down to his music says it all.”
—John Haun, Songwriter/ Manager

“Caelum Music Production has produced hundreds of different music styles for each one of my clients needs.  Every time I need something new and fresh, he is the man to go to.”
—Todd Broder, Director/Producer, BRODER ville Pictures

“Dante Lattanzi is truly a talented visionary. He is very thoughtful and dedicated to each project. When we worked on Sterling8 and Farrowtone’s project together for the visuals and creative directing, he was passionate, receptive, and very exceptional in his understanding of music and the creative process. It was truly a pleasure to work with him as he’s one of the most talented and creative people I’ve met  in NYC while working there.”
—Jeffrey Michael, Lightup Celebrity & Costume Designer

“Dante Lattanzi is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever worked with”
—Shemekia Copeland, Grammy Nominee/Blues Artist

“I’ve known Dante Lattanzi for many years and I’ve recorded several of my albums at his Studio. He is a remarkable recording engineer and musician, it is difficult to capture the essence of the Classical Guitar in a recording, but because of Dante’s refined musical ears, he gets the sound I really want. I have several other albums that I’ve recorded in New York and abroad but none of them match the quality of what I get with Dante. Thank you!”
—Jorge Morel, Grammy Award-winning Guitarist & Composer

Dante Lattanzi is not only a first class producer and musically gifted artist, he’s also a dedicated and loyal friend who’s guidance and influence remains strong to this day.”
—Celebrity Robert Burck aka “THE NAKED COWBOY”, Times Square, NY

”Dante Lattanzi comes from a passionate and inspiring family of people who came into New York with a mission to spread culture and life to the people that come in contact with them and their endeavors.  He clearly demonstrates this in every project and piece of music that he makes for himself, his artists and his clients.  His love for the craft of creating music and songwriting is evident in everything I’ve ever done with him, and he’s never afraid to take things to the next level or take a few chances while delivering a product that he and the people who work with him can be extremely proud of.”

—Jack Bradley, Partner/Executive Producer, HiFi Project

“Dante Lattanzi has an absolute and vivid sixth sense for music.  His ability to pick up an instrument, any instrument, and be proficient at it within minutes is nothing short of spectacular.  He possess a rare understanding of the anatomy of music that enables him to compose and produce in a way I have never seen before.”  “Absolute creative brilliance!”
—Dary Dayani, AT&T, Network Engineer

“Dante is truly a gifted musician and producer.  His style is unique, innovative, distinct, moving and progressive.  He draws on all the great sounds of past and present transforming the artists compositions into works of art. He has a masters touch that is fresh and remarkable. Within this desolate music industry starved for true artistry, Dante Lattanzi is the real gem.
—Elizabeth Sullivan, Singer/Songwriter

—Sheldon Hendler, Ph.D., M.D., Chairman, VimVida Corporation

“I don’t even know where to start! Your studio is killer, I love the atmosphere! Your beats are amazing and filled with so much soul and passion for the art; you’re honest, personable, and super easy to work with. I can’t wait to work on future projects with you, Dante, God Bless!”
—Jenna Calicchio, Anna Monroe Productions, Singer/Songwriter/Artist

“It’s a pleasure to work with Dante Lattanzi, he always gets that great sound with great expertise” Bravo!!!
—Michele Ramo, 8 String Guitarist & Jazz Violinist

Caelum Music Production is a company to watch out for. Working with them always adds amazing energy contained in a totally professional approach. I love knowing that I always have their musical talent and dedication to turn to for any project.”
—Frank Kuzler, Producer, DecadesOut/DedPro Inc.

“It’s where a family environment meets a creative explosion. The sky is the limit when you work with Dante Lattanzi. He has that magic that just brings the artist out of you in a way you didn’t think was possible.”
—Farrowtone, Artist

”Dante Lattanzi and his staff did an amazing job producing original music for our reality show 13 Weeks. We received tracks and revisions expeditiously during very tight deadlines and came out of it with a great soundtrack for our show.”
—Ross Hendler, Managing Director, RAW Productions

“Dante Lattanzi is a great talent and his company does it all. I always enjoy working with Caelum Music Production, I am proud to say that I am a friend AND a fan of the man, Dante Lattanzi.”
—Lori Michaels, Singer/Songwriter/Performer, Lori Michaels Productions/ Reach out Inc.

“Dante Lattanzi has one of the finest pairs of ears in this business! The warmth of the sound and clarity of recording he achieved in my solo CD, Salsa and other beats, are always admired by the listeners. Thanks again!”
—Ana Maria Rosado, Guitarist/Performer

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